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Elgon Silver Conditioner

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Silver Conditioner is also a part of ColorCare, a product line that aids hairstylists to keep the color in hair alive. Designed for professionals, ColorCare includes products to be used before, during and after haircolor and bleaching services, protecting hair and scalp. The product is ideal for those who want to eliminate the yellowing tone found in blond and white hair as hair color assistance.


  • Eliminate that unwanted yellowing tone found in blond and white hair as a result of photo-oxidation.
  • Maintains the original blonde shade whether natural or cosmetic and of white hair as well.
  • Condition and nourish the hair shaft.

Active Agents:

  • Violet pigments: contrast yellow tones.
  • Blueberry extract: naturally fights the yellowing of grey hair.
  • Cellulose derivative: a polymeric conditioner gives the hair body and a filmogenic effect.
  • Panthenol: with strong moisturizing action, prevents hair from breaking.


  • Apply to damp hair.
  • Spread the product with a comb for the entire length of the hair.
  • Massage in lock by lock to aid the penetration of the pigments.
  • Allow it to work for from 3 minutes (for an anti-yellow effect) to 7 minutes (for a toning mask).
  • Rinse thoroughly.

Size: 300 ml

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