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Lakme Teknia Body Maker Balm

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Lightweight volume balm for fine hair.


  • Rebuilds hair fiber from within, offering a lasting effect. Recharging effect.
  • More resistant hair that feels thicker, more voluminous and shinier.


  • Wild herbs with petitgrain essential oil. Revitalizing.
  • Fresh, citric top notes of lemon essential oil, followed by an aromatic base of wormwood and floral notes underscored by petitgrain. Mixture of woody and musk notes to provide a subtle delicacy.

Active Agents:

  • Vegan microproteins from organic soy and rice (natural alternative complex to keratin).


  • Spread evenly through wet hair.
  • Detangle.
  • Rinse.

Size: 300 ml

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